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Launched in 2001, SmartMagna showcases a wide range of artists covering multiple disciplines and genres. Their work is easily accessible and can be viewed on their individual and custom made smart_micro sites.
Smartmagna is a major visual media destination and leading provider of premium artistic websites. Smartmagna members are professional artists showing only original work. The ease of using Smartmagna's search functions, combined with the quality of unique work, has made a preferred destination for advertisers, consultants and designers, as well as anyone interested in the world of contemporary visual media.

Visual elements

• Smart Photography
Welcome to the world of Smart Photography: fashion, architecture, landscape, fine arts, you name we have it.
There are two main global delivery mechanisms for getting the images required: Assignment photography and stock photography. The range of available options is fascinating form 1Euro per image on internet micro stock sites to expensive assignment projects costing several hundred thousand Euros. Photography covers five main areas, editorial, creative, advertising, corporate, educational and leisure.
After 20 years operating internationally Smart has deep knowledge on every aspect of the Photography business and can provide valuable assistance and expertise globally in every stage of the customer's projects.
Post production services are an integral process of the project and here again we have a wide range of options available to offer.

• Smart Graphic design
Graphic designers are an integral part of the creation process and they often deliver works of exceptional beauty and value. They work closely with Photographers, illustrators and animators to create complete projects for all types of customers.
We consider the graphic designers as artists in their own right .......

• Smart Illustration
Illustration gives us the license to express our imagination without limits and as such is a wonderfully creative medium. Illustrators offer a breathtaking range of styles and point of view making them one of the most creative artists on the planet. Illustrators tend to specialize as they develop to specific categories of illustration, for example children book illustration or fashion illustration.
Since most customers will typically need a variety of styles and technical expertise, it is very difficult to limit themselves to one collaborating artist, rather they need to work with agencies to take advantage of the breadth of talent an agency represents while enjoying a one stop shop experience.
Smart loves illustration and we are constantly refreshing and adding to the talented artists we represent. We are constantly on the lookout for interesting ideas and points of view. We work worldwide bringing artists and customers together in a n efficient way.
We offer both assignment work and stock illustration and therefore we can advise our clients what are the best and most efficient alternatives they can pursue to complete their projects.

• Smart Animation
Moving images are fascinating from Mickey to creative advertisements and sensational animated motion pictures. Animators are amongst the most talented visual artists and are in addition at the forefront of technology.
Creative solutions involving animation are expensive although prices vary from country to country. It is therefore crucial to once again start with an efficient planning and cost benefit analysis in order to maximize return.